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Issue 178

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Issue 178


Whale Shark at the door!

Kiwi Winston Cowie tells how two whale sharks showed up at his front door - a waterfront canal in Abu Dhabi.


WWII Pacific oil leaks: What is the threat?

Oil from ships sunk during WWII in the Pacific is threatening to leak. How imminent is the disaster? What’s being done?


What kelp forest have in common with coral reefs.

New Zealand’s kelp forests and the coral reefs of our Pacific neighbours are being impacted by the effects of climate change. In what ways and how severe is it? Dr Chris Cornwall of Victoria University has some answers.


Spotlight on overfishing.

Overfishing is among the worst of our marine problems. Coty Perry covers the issues


Pete Mesley on technical diving.

What makes Technical diving so attractive? What are the diving opportunities for technical divers?


How much ocean should we protect?

Dee Harris reviews where in the world we’re up to on this hot topic.

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