Issue 175

December / January 2021

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A digital back-issue of Dive Pacific 175

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  1. 1 -
    Cousteau on plankton, whales & trophic cascades.
    Tiny animals and their critical importance on entire oceanic food webs, with Holly Lohuis.
  2. 2 -
    How COVID can affect divers.
    Why a diver should avoid Covid-19 and what happens if they don’t, with Prof Simon Mitchell
  3. 3 -
    Top NZ dive destinations for the summer
    The Bay of Plenty coastline is home to many untapped and unexplored dives sites.
  4. 4 -
    Kermedecs spectacular.
    Once is not enough for the Kermadecs: Paul Caiger gives us some geology, a brief history, and a great diving destination
  5. 5 -
    My best dive!
    Sarah Ford zings with enthusiasm about her close encounters with whale sharks at West Papua.
  6. 6 -
    NIWA team's photo competition.
    Every year NIWA holds a staff photo competition. Here’s a sample of the entries!