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This subscription includes eight issues of Dive Pacific over a two-year period, plus the current digital edition for free.

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In this issue -

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  1. 1 -
    Discovering ever more of New Zealand
    Cave divers discovering more New Zealand: Latest finds with Bruce Clulow.
  2. 2 -
    Manta fantasy! Our best kept underwater secret!
    Most kiwis have no idea these gentle giants are found in New Zealand waters in significant numbers.
  3. 3 -
    Vanuatu: The top 5 coral dive spots
    Vanuatu is home to one of the world’s largest intact WWII wrecks, and well known for its wreck diving. But beyond the heavy metal there’s some amazing coral diving to be found.
  4. 4 -
    Diving for a purpose.
    Join Aotearoa Lake’s citizen science team cleaning up New Zealand lakes.
  5. 5 -
    NZ Underwater Diver Survey.
    First ever diver survey highlights outstanding issues with NZUA President Tristan Reynard.
  6. 6 -
    Diving with an unseen injury.
    What concussion taught me: Annika Andresen recounts her recent experience.

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